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October 2, 2014

I strongly disagree with my friends at the local, state and national level who are discouraged, disappointed and disillusioned. In my opinion, there are more reasons to be encouraged now than at any time in my 53 years at the national level of the conservative movement. . .

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The Difference Between Winners and Whiners

Some of today’s conservatives are less inclined to demonstrate the same level of solidarity because establishment Republicans have failed to welcome them into the party with open arms. But a brief review of more recent GOP history will reveal that even Ronald Reagan and his supporters were regarded with fear and loathing by Republican party regulars when they first appeared on the scene. Nonetheless, neither Reagan nor his followers petulantly sat out an election simply because the GOP establishment insisted on, as Manning phrases it, “disrespecting” them. The Reaganites were not, in other words, whiners.

Right-to-Work Legislation Showing Solid Gains

It may not be the silver bullet for every financial challenge facing states at the present, but those states adopting right-to-work (RTW) legislation are becoming more competitive. In your writer’s native Michigan, for example, RTW was signed by Gov. Rick Snyder in December 2012, and the results have been impressive. . .

The Conservative Moment

Mitch McConnell is a man of his word. He said that he would crush the Tea Party, and he did. He not only got himself renominated in Kentucky, but he helped renominate fellow GOP senators who, like him, had been primaried by tea-party opponents: Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Pat Roberts (Kan.), John Cornyn (Texas), Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), and Thad Cochran (Miss.).
Those could turn out to be expensive victories.

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