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Alert from the President: Call Your National Committee Members Today

As NFRA President, I ask you to read this important letter from RNC National Committeeman Morton Blackwell. In it, he properly condemns the outrageous power grab engineered by establishment insiders and Mitt Romney staffers last year at the RNC Rules Committee. He also discusses his motion, shortly to be voted on by the RNC, to overturn those heinous rules changes, changes which wrongfully transfer your rights and your powers to a failed, non-representative elite.
I’m asking you to immediately call your National Committee members, to ask them to vote for Morton’s motion.
It’s important, and it’s important that you pass this along.

GRA Statement on Growth & Opportunity Project Report

The Georgia Republican Assembly agrees we need to change the way we message and we are focused on building strong coalitions among the various factions of grassroots conservatives. However we do not believe we need to change our values or distance the GOP from it’s conservative base in order to win elections . . .

Morton Blackwell Urges RNC to Undo Rules Changes

National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) President Rod D. Martin announced today the strong endorsement by the NFRA of Virginia National Committeeman Morton Blackwell’s proposed amendment to the Rules of the Republican Party to undo changes made to the Party rules at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Morton Blackwell’s Proposed Amendment to the RNC Rules

Below is a motion I propose for passage to amend The Rules of the Republican Party. According to Rule 12, such amendments must be submitted with at least ten days notice, be passed by a majority of the RNC Standing Committee on Rules, and be passed by a ¾ vote of all the members of the Republican National Committee. I ask for consideration of my motion to amend at our coming meeting . . .

Depending on Dependency

All of us should be on guard against beliefs that flatter ourselves. At the very least, we should check such beliefs against facts.

New York Times Proves Clint Eastwood Correct–Obama is Lousy CEO

NYT piece looks at two outstanding flaws of Obama’s leadership that would otherwise disqualify an individual in the business world.

Republican Party Platform Best Yet

The party has long since learned that fiscal, social and sovereignty issues cannot be ignored or separated, but must be addressed as all part of a national campaign.

RNC Adopts Resolution Exposing Agenda 21

UPDATE: The Republican National Committee approved the resolution exposing Agenda 21 at their Winter Meeting, January 13, 2012. The resolution will be recommended for adoption into the Republican Party Platform at the 2012 Convention. See the resolution HERE. Note: the resolution is the third from the top.   It has been reported that the Republican [...]

NFRA President Calls On RNC to Fire Steele

“We must repudiate the politics of victimization, of divide-and-conquer, of bribes to interest groups. Michael Steele sees blacks and whites. We see and seek to serve Americans: all Americans. That is the chief difference between the two parties, and if Michael Steele can’t see and articulate a vision that simple and that inclusive, he is unfit to lead our party or anything else. He needs to go, now.”

Memo to Steele: GOP Will Win

2010 will be a unique year because voters have seen the myth of the moderate Democrat exposed. There is no longer any such animal. No moderate or conservative voter can rest on the assumption that his congressman or senator will stand firm for his values in the face of party pressure. The sweep of 2010 will be due as much to this intellectual insight as to any other cause, and this will make it even more powerful.

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