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Massachusetts Republican Assembly Calls for Resignation of Party Executives

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Massachusetts Republican Assembly Reiterates Call For Resignation Of Party Executives As Demands For Statewide Reform Grows

Early Damage Control Efforts By Media Pundits & Local Party Favors Indicates Desperate Attempt To Assign Blame To Tea Party And Social Conservatives For Predictable Failures.

Statewide, MA, November 9, 2012:  The Massachusetts Republican Assembly has been unquestionably clear in its assertion that single Party rule is detrimental to ALL Massachusetts citizens. Moreover, The Assembly has repeatedly warned Republican leadership, at least those that would pretend to listen, that trying to out-Democrat the Democrats is no way to define and strengthen Massachusetts republicanism.

  These warnings fell on deaf ears as Party executives and liberal infiltrators on the State Committee repeatedly scuttled attempts to align with the National Platform, conduct fair elections, welcome new energy and allow for time-tested conservative principles to again come alive through our pool of candidates and supporters. So MassGOP insiders threw their base under the bus in pursuit of the perfect utopian blend of electable liberalism. As a result, undecided voters went with the real McCoy while the excitement and energy that normally surrounds a vibrant conservative campaign was utterly extinguished.

“Having to endure the predictable election results and the flawed & confusing messages that represented them was bad enough, but now they’re actually bold enough to associate their miserable losses with Conservatives . . . these people are infiltrators” – Dave Kopacz MassRA President

On Tuesday November 13th the MassGOP State Committee will hold its first post election meeting. If they stay true-to-form, they’ll assign blame to their Grassroots base and save plenty of time self-gratuitous theatrics and scripted endorsements. No doubt they will rent a small but expensive room just barely big enough for the State Committee and a roped off area for constituent vassals to watch the horse & pony show in silent admiration.

MassGOP Insiders Brace for Reform Push from Grassroots

Since MassGOP insiders have consistently rejected conservative values and the losing message was not a conservative one, the absolute need for deep reform of the Massachusetts Republican Party is irrefutable. Even though establishment Republicans worked diligently to exclude anything conservative from their public message, amazingly, they’re immediate damage control plan is to blame fiscal conservatives, pro-life groups, pro-family groups, liberty groups, small government advocates, the Tea Party and of course The Republican Assembly. The sheer arrogance and contrary nature of their claims illustrates their desperation and fear of exposure.

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly would like to reach out to all Grassroots conservatives and disenfranchised Republicans from across the State and ask that you continue to stand by the core conservative principles of the Republican Party. The MassGOP insiders have built a reputation on demands for “unity” around a distorted message of liberal compromise that has reduced Party enrolment to its current low. Now it’s time to bring new meaning to the word unity and an end to one-way compromises.

Kaufman, Maginn and DeVito Top List of Necessary Resignations

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly is urging all misrepresented constituents to join our effort to reform the MassGOP back to its roots and openly oppose any half-baked attempts to shift blame from them to you. The Massachusetts Republican Party is poised to leverage current orchestrated anti-conservative media fodder as justification to jerk our Platform further to the left.

The days of bargaining away our Republican ideals in exchange for political positioning are over! Showcasing basic respect for life, liberty and property used to be the cornerstone of our message and it can be again. We are perilously close to having two Democrat Parties that serve only to perpetuate career politicians. Integrity and virtue, nearly extinct.

Unlike the MassGOP, the Assembly is eager to work with constituents to better communicate the immediate and long term benefits to conservative value systems. We are committed to building the Republican Party, but we are also committed to reform. We believe that some things are just too broken to fix and compromise is no longer a palatable option.


The National Federation of Republican Assemblies is the nation’s oldest Republican advocacy group with State Chapters located across the country. Our goal is to bring classic conservative ideals back to the Party platform and offer the conservative base a set of resources for local Republican advancement. We are known as “the Republican Wing of the Republican party.”

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Dave Kopacz
President, Massachusetts Republican Assembly
(413) 896-4078



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