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Fluoridation Interest in Growing in Kansas Following Wichita Referendum

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WICHITA, KS: Newly elected state lawmakers are taking a second look at community water fluoridation, knowing that the topic is sure to come up in the 2013 Legislature. Some are willing to drive 4-hours to come to Wichita to have their fluoridation questions answered.

Early estimates said that Wichita’s Fluoride Referendum would pass 70 to 30%.  Now, following the astounding 60 to 40% vote against the referendum, lawmakers are asking: “What does Wichita know that we do not know?”  This is particularly true among those lawmakers who live in fluoridated Kansas communities.  Some are asking if they should continue to drink their own fluoridated water.

To maintain the momentum of bringing the truth and new science on water fluoridation to light, the KRA canceled its planned Christmas party games, in favor of hosting a ‘sneak preview’ of Dr. David Kennedy’s new movie titled “Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy”.

To maintain some elements of the holiday celebration, and in appreciation for all the work that was done by the Fluoride-Fighting volunteers, the KRA is providing an excellent meal for all attendees; a prime rib buffet, ham and all the fixings.

And this is NOT just for Republicans!  It was a bi-partisan effort that defeated the Wichita Referendum, and that calls for a bi-partisan celebration. The only thing that the KRA asks is that all who are coming give a phone call, a fax or an e-mail to the contact numbers and address above, so that adequate food preparations can be made.

The event is this Thursday evening, December 13, 2012, at Mike’s Steakhouse, 2131 South Broadway Street in Wichita. A social half-hour begins at 6:30 pm. Movie is at 7:00 pm.

Dr. David Kennedy’s new documentary film has been two-years in the making, with a budget of over $100,000.00.  It is scheduled to debut in California sometime in 2013 at a yet-to-be determined film festival.  (Dr. Kennedy, who had watched the Wichita Fluoride Fight with intense interest from his California home while his movie was in the making, has arrived in Kansas from his home in California to be at this meeting.)

In addition to Dr. David Kennedy, DDS, the world renowned Dr. Albert W. Burgstahler, Ph.D., a graduate of Harvard University, and a retired Science Research Professor from K.U. who is the current editor of FLUORIDE the quarterly scientific journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research, will also be present at this documentary movie debut to help answer questions.

No one on Earth knows more about fluoride than Dr. Burgstahler. He has traveled around the world giving expert testimony on fluoride, many times to governments and governmental agencies.

More than any other individual, Dr. Burgstahler is responsible for educating Wichitans on fluoride’s effect on I.Q., especially the I.Q. of children, and thereby helping the truth prevail in Wichita’s recent referendum on fluoride.

As always the KRA meetings are open to the public. This is undoubtedly going to be the most important meeting that the KRA has ever had -- in that its affects will be felt by people living in every Kansas county and city.

Media persons are very welcome, and will have the first opportunity for questions.

Please RSVP if coming to enjoy the meal and movie! (Note contact information above.)


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