The Republican Wing of the Republican Party

National Leadership

NFRA Executive Board


Sharron Angle

Mrs. Sharron Angle





Ken Blackwell

Amb. Ken Blackwell
Executive Vice President






Mr. Willes Lee
Pacific Region Vice President





Mr. John Briscoe
California Vice President





Tom Hudson

Mr. Tom Hudson
Great Plains Region & Special Projects Vice President





Mrs. Charlotte Reed
Western Region Vice President





William Federer

Mr. William Federer
Midwestern Region Vice President





James Dickey

Mr. James Dickey
South Central Region Vice President





Mr. Robert Cahaly
Southern Region Vice President





Mr. Michael Potaski
Northeastern Region Vice President





Jennifer Wortham

Miss Jennifer L. Wortham





Mr. Nicholas Stehle





Mr. David Jeffers





Shawn Mitchell

Dr. Shawn A. Mitchell, DMD





Dr. Rod D. Martin
Chairman, National Advisory Board
Immediate Past President

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